Small duffel bags

I was using a pattern for the duffel bags I am making, but I wanted to make a few that were smaller.  Since the only pattern piece that I actually use is for the ends, it wasn’t too hard to reduce the measurements for the other pieces.  The pattern had three main pieces for the body of the bag, each going entirely around the bag with three vertical seams.  I changed that, partly because I wanted to use the vintage denim that I had and would need to cut the bag out in smaller pieces.  So I changed the pattern to two pieces that form the top, three pieces for each side, and one for the bottom.  It is more pieces to cut out, but much easier to do when working with long, narrow strips of denim.

I was going through a box of fabric just to see what I had when I found a couple of pairs of size 8 slim jeans that my youngest son had worn years ago.  I cut them up, reusing the pockets, and made a little duffel bag for his youngest son.  Here’s a picture of the finished bag.

Levi's duffel bag

I’ve made pocket purses for each of my granddaughters, and when I finish one more, I will have a duffel bag for each of my grandsons, plus my great-grandson.  Usually, I cut out the bags as I sew them instead of cutting out all the pieces at once.  Tonight I cut out all the pieces and did all the stitching on the last day that I can do until I get another zipper.  The first thing you do when making the bags is insert the zipper.  Then you add the sides, then the bottom, then the ends.

I listed a denim pot holder on Etsy today, and I made another one tonight.  I just can’t stand to throw anything way!  Even my scraps end up keeping us warm.  Hubby burns them in the furnace.

I need to start wrapping presents and get my cards in the mail.  Perhaps I will do that tomorrow.  Today was a wonderful, rainy day, but I need sunshine to keep me going, so I like to spend rainy days downstairs where I can’t tell that the sun isn’t shining.

I had planned to wait until the week before Christmas to start making bags for the kids.  Boy, am I glad I didn’t!  I’ve spent a lot of time ripping jeans apart just so I can use the pieces.  It’s been fun, but I’m about ready to start on something new.  I did sell one duffel bag, so I may try to keep one or two of them in my Etsy shop.  I’m also working on a different idea for a denim baby quilt.  Not sure how it is going to turn out.  Some of my grand ideas work out and some crash and burn!



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