New duffel bag

Last night I tweaked my duffel bag pattern, but I’m not sure I improved it.  I thought stitching the end seams to the outside would make it look neater, but now I’m not sure.  What do you think?

Vintage denim duffel bag

I stitched the seams at each end to the outside, trimmed them, then bound them with the same fabric that I used for lining the pockets.  The rest of the bag went together quickly because I had already constructed the side panels with the pocket and cut out and stitched the handles.  I doubt if I make anymore like this with the seams turned out.  It took forever to sew on the binding!  Quick and easy it was not!!  But now I know.  I thought I would like them with all the seams stitched to the outside and clipped, but I didn’t like that either.

Went to the dentist yesterday to get a crown on one of my lower molars.  It was harder for them to get the old temp crown off than to get the new crown on.  At the rate I’m going, it won’t be too many years and all of my teeth will have crowns.  They look great and it isn’t a big deal, except when it comes to paying for them!

Watched the X Factor results show last night.  Don’t know who I think will win.  The last three are all really good.

Also watched the Republican debate, while I was sewing.  So I did more listening then watching.  I did miss the information that you can pick up from body language.  No one is making my heart beat faster!

Okay.  I need a plan of action for today.  Or I’ll just wander around not getting much done.  Guess the first thing on my list should be getting ready for tomorrow.  I want to make another apple/cranberry pie, and see if I can find a recipe for pumpkin/pecan pie.  Someone brought one to the spaghetti dinner last Friday.  One piece got scrambled coming out of the pan.  Such a shame that we had to eat it!







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2 Responses to New duffel bag

  1. all of your bags are wonderful…people have such different taste…I’m sure it will be a hit…you seem to do the things I do …like the TV shows and such…it’s so neat to read your blog…mkg

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