Last Christmas duffel bag


Baseball duffel bag

Here’s the latest and last duffel bag that I am making for Christmas.  I made a few changes in this one, too.  The handles are longer and the top fabric matches the binding on the pockets.   The biggest change is in the way I put it together.  I figured out a much easier way to stitch the ends.  I was doing the bottom seam first, then the sides, and the top last.  By stitching the top first, then the sides, it works much faster and easier.

Now I need to get everything wrapped, or in bags, and finish my cards.  I did cut out another bag last night, but I don’t have another zipper, so I won’t be able to finish it.  I’m making it to go in my Etsy shop.  I was “gifted” with some worn out khaki pants on Saturday that I’m trying to incorporate with the denim.  I like using binding on the edges of the pockets, and I like using denim in different shades of blue.

I ordered a mannequin from eBay last night.  Guess it will be my Christmas present to myself.  I would like to make neck warmers and scarves, but I needed a way to photograph them since I don’t have a live model.  I’m thinking about putting a white sheet up on the wall downstairs to make it my photography “studio”.  It’s hard to get good lighting on cloudy days.  I’m going to have to get rid of some boxes first!



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