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Chocolate satin clutch

All of the duffel bags and totes I have made, except the pencil-case, were made or adapted from a pattern that I bought.  Last night, I designed and made this satin clutch from some fabric in my stash.  I quilted some off-white satin to use as the lining.  The binding is off-white satin, too.  I like the way I designed the loop and pearl bead detailing.

Satin flowers

I made these satin flowers without a pattern or directions, too.  I used buttons for the centers.  I haven’t decided if I should use them on something else, or just sell them as they are.  I thought I would like them on the satin clutch, but, somehow, they didn’t look right.

Denim rug

When I started making all the denim bags, I saved all the strips of fabric that were at least two inches wide.  If I could, I cut a five by five square out of them.  If not, I cut them into strips that were 7 inches long.  As I went along, I sewed them together into strips.  Then I combined them into this rug.  It is nice and heavy.  I wanted to use it here in front of this door, but I’m going to list it on Etsy first to see if there is any interest in things like this.

I made the raw cranberry cookies again today.  I do believe that I liked them better without the egg!  They are good, but they were crunchy without the egg, and this way they are like little cakes.

I printed the instructions for a Chinese knot, but it was Greek to me.  I could not figure it out.  I’m going to look up another set of directions.  I need more steps, or something.

Two of my grand daughters came home with us on Monday night from our family Christmas party.  They like for me to make things for them.  I had given each of them on of the jeans pocket purses with fringe, but they thought they needed another one.  I crocheted one of them using strips of flannel.  I used a pattern that called for a loop stitch.  I got that figured out without too much trouble.  I did made a mistake when it came to making it smaller at the top, so I had to take about half of it apart and rework it.  At least with crochet, it is easy to take out and restart where you want to.  I may try using the same pattern to make Easter baskets.  I had used pastel colors for the bag and when it was about 1/3 finished, it looked like an Easter basket.  I would just have to figure out how to make it stiff.  You can see the loopy crocheted bag in this picture.

Sarah, with Iva and Alena

Their poodle walked into the photo just as I snapped the shutter so you can’t see the little blue bag that is knit using fabric strips and yarn.


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2 Responses to The latest from Country By Design

  1. Give me pictures, crafts, artsy stuff, kids…well, you have my attention!…Nice blog…

    • Thanks! I have definitely been doing a little of this and a little of that. I get bored easily and I like the challenge of doing new things. I have done a bit of crocheting before, but I’ve never made flowers like this before. I made a crocheted flower tonight, but it’s a free-form made-up design, not like the usual crocheted flowers.

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