Another Valentine’s Day table runner

I’m still working on table runners for Valentine’s Day, but I’m getting close to using all the fabric I have.  Today I finished up a runner using most of my appropriate red fabrics.

Country By Design table runner

Here you can see what I decided to do about a different way to finish the ends of the runner.  This is the first time I have tried to change the size or shape of the squares in one item.  The center square is slightly bigger than the other two.  I liked the outline stitching around the hearts so much that I made a set of mug rugs using the same technique.  I need to wash them before I take pictures.

It was warmer today, with lots of sunshine.  So much nicer than yesterday.  I did get out and walk to the mailbox.  Should have gone much farther!

Made tuna melts for dinner tonight.  Has to be one of Paul’s favorite dinners.  He loves the leftovers.  I had made brown rice at noon, so I reheated it, and fixed some fresh broccoli.  Yum!  Finished off the meal with a Honeycrisp apple.  Perfect!

I am finally sleeping better at night.  I used to be able to drink coffee all day and still go right to sleep, but it doesn’t work like that any more.  Now I only fix about half a pot of coffee which is gone by noon.  I drink a couple of glasses of tea during the afternoon, and maybe one with dinner, then it’s no more caffeine.  I would love a cup of hot tea right now, but it’s bedtime, so I won’t.

I have a set of coasters to finish tomorrow, then I’ll be finished with everything I have started.  I’m thinking about making another runner using the garden trellis design.  I really like the way the first one turned out.  Guess I can sleep on that tonight!


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2 Responses to Another Valentine’s Day table runner

  1. Anyone would enjoy Valentine’s Day with your runner on their table…I told my Daughter-in-law about your work…she loves the style of these!…mkg

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