Rainy day in the country

Another damp, cloudy, rainy day in the country.  At least it wasn’t freezing cold.  Rained most of the afternoon, but not enough to add any water to the lake.  We don’t need any storms, but we do need rain.

I finished a set of mug rugs this morning, and a set of four coasters, but it was so cloudy that I didn’t take pictures.  My camera works much better when there is natural sunlight.

I overcame all my reluctance to do new things and went in to St. Clement to quilt this afternoon with other ladies from church.  I was a tad rusty, but I got the hang of it again.  I haven’t done any quilting by hand in a long time.  About the only thing I do by hand is stitching borders.

Tonight I stitched some more strips together to make a scrappy table runner.  I’m using strips and pieces of all the pink and red fabrics that were left over.  I saved everything that was at least 4″ by 2″ and some that were even smaller.  After I had the pieced stitched together, I stitched the rows onto a strip of fabric to make them easier to work with.  My project to sleep on tonight is going to be if I want to add some more decorative stitching when I add the batting and backing.  I’m thinking about free hand hearts and swirls. I may have to sketch it out on a piece of paper to get some idea about what I want to do.

I did think about another trick I have used in the past, but had forgotten about.  Occasionally when I have a pieced of fabric that was the right kind of design but is too dark or bright, I will layer a piece of light weight muslin on top of it to change the color.  Or I will turn it over and use the back of the fabric as the right side.  I have an idea for one more Valentine’s Day table runner that I want to try.  Then I will need to decide if I want to make anything for St. Patrick‘s Day.  I may make a couple of items with appliqued shamrocks.  I figured out a way to cut them out and stitch them that doesn’t take all day.

Hoping for some sunshine tomorrow!


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