New Valentine’s Day table runner

Valentine's Day table runner

Here’s a picture of the table runner that I’ve been working on this week.  The background “fabric” is lots of little strips of lots of different fabrics that I stitched together.  Then I stitched them to a strip of backing fabric to provide some stability, added batting and backing.  Then I started adding appliqued hearts in solid colors.  I may have too much going on!  This afternoon a carefully cut out a pink plaid binding on the bias, and stitched it to the runner.  I even folded it over and pinned it before I decided that I didn’t really like it.  So I laid it aside.  After dinner, I tried several different ideas, but decided on this black print.  Hopefully the sun will be shining in the morning so I can take more pictures of this runner and the mug rugs and the coasters and get them listed on Etsy.

I also started cutting and stitching some pink squares for a baby quilt.  I have some more flannel ordered, but it will take me a day or two just to get the squares put together.  I’m going to try a rag quilted version of one of my favorite layouts.  It takes a lot longer than just cutting out squares, so I hope it is worth the effort.

Crummy weather again today.  It would be seriously depressing if I didn’t have a nice warm place to work with lots of light.

I had an idea today to make “hugs” blankets for people who are hurting.  I need to put some more thought into it.  I’ve seen similar ideas for using clothing of family members to make quilts, but this would be more for people who are healing or hurting.  Any ideas, anyone?


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