Glasses case for Etsy

I’m still working on the baby quilt, but I had to take a break last night and make a glasses case.  I felt the need to do something with denim again.  Here’s how it turned out.

Quilted glasses case

The denim is from a pair of my hubby’s old, worn out jeans and the striped fabric is from one of his shirts.  I like the way the piece of the placket worked out as the closure.

I missed a golden moment this morning.  The sun was just coming up and clouds were moving in from the west.  Looking to the west, the pastures were golden against the dark sky.  I waited to get dressed to go out, and by that time, the sun was behind a cloud.  Next time, I’ll go out in my jammies!

I’m feeling the urge to document normal, everyday scenes from the farm.  This morning I caught this picture of my hubby loading wood into the wheel barrow.

Loading wood

Just an ordinary day on the farm.  The thing I like about the picture is the way the two black dogs are standing watch.  Even Lady, our old dog, is staying close.  The strange thing about the picture is that it was 50 degrees already when I got up and I know it was warmer by this time, and yet he is bundled up like it’s below zero.  A few years ago, he would have been out there in his short sleeves!  We don’t bring wood into the house until we are ready to put it in the furnace because we don’t want bugs in the house, so we bring  a couple of wheel barrow loads in on the porch so it will stay dry and be close to the door.  You can go out and get a couple of pieces with your bare feet if you need to.

I finished all the squares for the baby quilt and have them all stitched into rows.  I have two rows to stitch together, then I’ll be ready to do the border.  I started on a travel tote bag this afternoon.  I worked on the design after I went to bed last night.  I want it to have pockets on each end and pockets on each side on the outside as well as pockets on the inside.  I have one side done with a double pocket (one pocket on top of another pocket) plus a key clip.  So far, so good.  The other side is going to have a zipper pocket.  I hate it when I have a tote bag stuffed to the top and then need something out of the inside zipper pocket.  This one won’t be perfect, but I want to try to get the essentials figured out.

It was too windy again today to be nice outside even though it was very warm.  Haven’t watched the weather today.  Oh, well.  I can’t change it anyway!

Dinner tonight was baked chicken with potatoes, onions, and carrots.  I love one pot meals!


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2 Responses to Glasses case for Etsy

  1. Life on a farm…how wonderful…my Mom grew up that way…and we had about 8 acres of woods,creek and yard when I grew up…wouldn’t trade it!

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