Wool Pincushions on Etsy

I love Darcy’s pin cushions! They are too cute to use.

Ashton Publications

Pincushion coverBy request I have re-listed my handmade wool pincushions on Etsy again. I’ve got all three sizes listed — large, medium, and miniature. The pattern is also listed if you prefer to make your own.

When making these pincushions, I use wool, which has natural lanolin and keeps my pins and needles rust free. Then I add crushed walnut shells to the top so that it has a nice “crunch” and sharpens my pins and needles with each use. The Polyfil fiber which is stuffed in tight at the bottom gives these pincushions the perfect density. They’re not too tight and not too loose. I have crushed walnut shells for sale on Etsy too.


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One Response to Wool Pincushions on Etsy

  1. These pin cushions are the cutest!…I want them all!…kinda beats Mom’s red tomato one I saw her use so many times…but, hers has memories attached! ~mkg

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