Rag knit place mats for Etsy

Rag knit place mats

When you run out of scraps you end up with strips and when you get enough of them, you make place mats by knitting the strips just as if they were yarn, except you join the pieces together at the end of each strip by making a knot then working the knot into the design.  I was a bit selective in my color choice.  In this case I only used white, off-white, and red and green check homespuns.  I wanted to recreate the look of tweed rather than solid rows of color.  I started another one today with pastel colors for spring.  It will be more rows or blocks of the same color rather than just splashes.

As to the status of my other projects, I have all the squares for the baby boy quilt cut out and pieced and all but one row stitched together.

I looked at the layout for the healing quilt and decided I didn’t like it, so I found a couple of more shirts to add to it, but they had to be washed.  So I started on a clutch purse from a pair of linen pants.  They are olive-green and I found a neat piece of vintage trim to use.  I quilted the satin lining to add body and class.  I should be able to finish it tomorrow.  It looks like it could be 50 years old.

Tomorrow?  Will be going to vote in our primary election even though it doesn’t mean anything.  Try to finish the baby quilt and the purse, and work on the healing quilt.  Come back tomorrow to see how I did!



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One Response to Rag knit place mats for Etsy

  1. Ella V says:

    What an interesting idea

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