Linen clutch for Etsy

Detail on linen clutch

Linen clutch for Etsy

I finished this linen clutch this morning.  The fabric is a deep olive-green, but it didn’t come out very well in the photos.  Here is a shot showing the lining.

Off-white satin lining in linen clutch

I created the quilted lining by stitching the off-white satin to a piece of batting through a sheet of paper to prevent puckering.  The trim and button are vintage items from my stash.

I also finished the baby boy rag quilt tonight.  It turned out really nice.  I will run it through the washer and dryer first thing in the morning.  I also completed four rows of the healing quilt that I’m making from mens shirts and flannel.

And I dug around tonight and found some St. Patrick’s Day fabric, so I’m going to work it up into a table runner.  And I should be able to finish the healing quilt.  I also need to put some stuff away.  I’m getting several stacks of fabric that I need to do something with.  I’m trying to make something with my scraps as I go, or throw them away.

It wasn’t too bad out today, although it was cloudy by the time we got home from voting.  And it looks like we have about an inch of snow on the ground tonight!





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2 Responses to Linen clutch for Etsy

  1. That is really beautiful. Love the color of the linen.

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