Etsy favorites lists and shamrock placemats

I hit the jackpot on Etsy today!  I sold the linen clutch and I had at least 8 new favorites listings!!  That is more than I usually have in a week.  My garden trellis table runner was listed as a favorite 4 times.  And the clutch purse found a new home in Australia!!

And I listed a new set of placemats.  After I said I wasn’t going to make anything for St. Patrick’s Day, I couldn’t resist making a set of placemats with appliqued shamrocks.  I discovered that it is relatively easy to make a shamrock by combining three slightly altered heart shapes that are cut out of a square that is folded on the diagonal.  The stem is formed by the outer edge of the square that is cut away to form the heart!  I wanted something a little bit unique, so I added some black and here is the result.

Appliqued, quilted shamrocks

After I stitched the shamrocks to the backing fabric, I hand quilted around them three times.  It’s pretty amazing how much difference that little added bit made.  Click here to see all of the photos.

I didn’t do any quilting today, although the healing quilt is almost finished.  I just have to finish clipping the borders.  I needed a dessert and some cookies for tomorrow, so I spent most of the afternoon baking.  Man, am I out of practice!  Took a lot longer than it should have to make some pumpkin cheesecake bars and a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

I’ve spent all evening working on the computer.  I’m listing some of my quilted items from several years ago on eBay.  They just don’t measure up to Country By Design standards.

My computer is still acting silly half the time.  Thank goodness it is working right tonight.

Bitterly cold here today, but at least the sun was shining.  Don’t know what it’s supposed to be like tomorrow. It’s not that late, but I’m running out of steam.


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