Courthouse steps table runner

Courthouse steps table runner

I listed my Courthouse Steps on Etsy today.  You can go to if you want to see more pictures.   I really like the movement created by the diagonal strips of the red and blue areas.  I realize that my courthouse steps is very non-traditional, but I like it.  Most of the time, the colors are much more muted.

I finished a St. Patrick’s Day table runner tonight.  I will have to send it through the washer and dryer before I list it.  I had all of the green print squares cut out already, so I only had to cut out the backing squares and the batting squares.  I sold my shamrock place mats today that I had listed on Etsy.  Hope the runner sells, too.

Tomorrow I want to do something with the rest of the squares of shirt fabric.  I think I’m going to make a pet blanket.

I made some yummy chicken fingers tonight that were gluten free.   The recipe is on the side of the gluten free Bisquick box.  They were nice and tender and not dried out at all.  And they were baked!  The pancakes made with the gluten free Bisquick are really good, too, although I did add a little sugar and oil.  Great idea for Lent.  Now if I can just find a really good gluten free bread!


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2 Responses to Courthouse steps table runner

  1. awesome! and amazing to me! ~mkg

    • I didn’t plan the runner out like I should have. I just cut and stitched as I went, so it was a surprise to me when I got finished and saw how it turned out. Now I want to make another one! So glad you liked it.

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