Spring coasters and heart shaped ornaments for Etsy

Quilted coasters

I listed this set of coasters on Etsy today.  The binding is hand stitched on one side of each one, so I have been working on them for a while.  Click here to see the rest of the pictures on the Etsy listing.

Three denim heart shaped ornaments

I had posted a picture of some linen heart-shaped ornaments some time ago.  I’m going to make some linen ones, but I decided to practice on some denim ones first.  All the trims are from my collection that I found in my mom’s sewing cabinet.  The buttons are vintage, too.  The bride and groom in the photo are my hubby’s mom and dad.

We have had some weird weather this week, but didn’t end up getting much rain.  Just a lot of wind.  Since I didn’t get to the store last Saturday, I had to go after quilting yesterday.  The cupboards were pretty bare.

I made brown rice and lentil soup for dinner tonight with an awesome apple salad.  I had made some gluten free rolls right after lunch.  They were very good with the soup.

I’m working on three projects at once, again.  I’m remaking some drapes for Matt and Katie so they can use them in their new house.  And I’m working on a satin purse using an idea I saw for a pillow.  And I’m making a baby quilt using the two new Moda charm packs that I bought from Charmpacks Plus.  Jeanelle also has an Etsy shop.  Check her out here.

Sounds like we could get some more severe weather tonight and tomorrow.  We need some rain, but we don’t need a storm.


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2 Responses to Spring coasters and heart shaped ornaments for Etsy

  1. stitchknit says:

    Your work is so beautiful Love the denim hearts………..and love you’re using vintage trims.
    Can’t imagine the linen ones being any better than these! 🙂

    • I’m surprised at how well the denim ones turned out, too. I just made the denim ones as practice before moving on to the linen ones, but now I want to make more denim ones!Thanks for commenting. So glad you like them.

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