How to Help Ailing Elderly Parents Better: Think Long-Term, Doctor Advises

I wish this wasn’t something that we all will deal with, or have already dealt with. I need help knowing how to talk to someone who is facing a potentially life-end illness.


When a crisis comes and you have to decide medical care for an ailing elderly parent, take a breath and consider the long-term outcomes, suggests California doctor Jeffrey Stoneberg. This may affect the type of care you choose—and whether you accept treatment at all.

In an article from the San Jose Mercury News, readers share lessons they’ve learned about modern health care for people nearing the end of their lives. Recurring advice: Understand and consider your options:

Reader Elizabeth Macapanpan recalls confusing times dealing with her mother’s health problems.

“Different doctors and nurses would give their opinions and their assessments. … I would be angry, confused, depressed all in one minute at times — not knowing what was the right path for us,” said Macapanpan, who cared for her mother through a heart attack, double limb amputations, several incidents with septicemia, pneumonia, then congenital heart failure and a lung…

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