Baby quilt and baby burpies

Patchwork quilted baby burp cloths

I was inspired by another blogger to try my hand a random patchwork quilting.  My squares are not as nice as hers since mine are basically three rows of  squares and rectangles.  Her whole square was put together like a puzzle.  I’m happy with the results, such as they are.  I was able to use a couple of pieces of chenille that were too small for anything else.  Here’s the other side.

White chenille on pink patchwork baby burpies

I finished the ends with white flannel.

I finished the baby quilt using the Moda charm packs tonight.  It’s in the dryer right now.  Here’s a picture of the process I use to arrange the squares.

Arranging charm pack squares for baby quilt

I don’t have a pin-up board, so I use the top of my freezer to arrange my fabric squares for the baby quilt.  This is the last four rows, but I used the same procedure for the first four rows, too.  It is basically alternating light squares and dark squares with an effort to randomly arrange the blues and reds.  I used white flannel for the backing.  I may look for some light grey flannel to make another one.  I really like the collection.  I used navy blue and white for the border.

Had a hard time deciding what to fix for dinner tonight.  Finally went for tuna casserole, only I didn’t have any mushroom soup, so I made a white sauce and I sautéed an onion in a little butter that I added, too.  Even Paul thought it was good.  Made garlic bread out of some leftover hamburger buns.  Those were good, too.  I know.  I shouldn’t have eaten any, but sometimes I just can’t resist!

I was unseasonably warm today.  It was 50 when I got up and 70 by noon.  But it was too windy to enjoy.  I did go out and start cleaning out my big flower bed.  The hen bit it trying to take over.  The daffodils that I brought in the other day are all bloomed out.  So pretty!


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2 Responses to Baby quilt and baby burpies

  1. The simple pleasures you write about make me happy… that life is so good!…To enjoy what you are doing is what it’s all about!… love the quilt lay-out…~mkg

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