Downton Abby

I usually don’t get started watching a series on TV, but Downton Abby totally sucked me in.  I love history, especially from this period in England.  Perhaps it is because most of my relatives were still over there during this period of time.

Imagine my excitement while reading an article in the March 2012 issue of Guideposts.  It was written by Rick Hamlin, the executive editor of the magazine.  He was writing about his wife, Carol, who is also a writer.  It turns out that Carol’s book, To Marry an English Lord, was the inspiration for Downton Abby!  Now I have to new book on my to-read list.

My favorite author from a slightly earlier time period is Julie Klassen.  I need to look and see if she has written any new books.  I have the first four that she has written.  I would be glad to loan them out if anyone is interested.



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2 Responses to Downton Abby

  1. stitchknit says:

    I love that series! I had it on in my studio a couple weeks ago….and I thought I was working, while watching/listening to the show….until I realized I was just sitting at my sewing machine. Doing nothing! 🙂 It had me. Totally.

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