Moda quilt for Etsy

Quilt made from Panier de Fleurs from Moda

I finished the Moda quilt and listed it on Etsy this morning. I really like the way it turned out.

Okay!  I started this post last night but my computer was too tired, so I gave up.  Anyway, I worked on a little satin clutch last night.  I’m sewing folded strips of fabric onto a base so that it looks like pleats.  I think it will be nice.  I stitched all the strips last night, and inserted the zipper, so now all I have to do is stitch the ends.  The problem with my made-up designs is that I have to figure out each step as I go.  But, so far, so good.

We finally got a good rain last night.  It is going to be much cooler today, but so far it isn’t windy.  Yesterday was a warm and windy Wednesday.  I used to love to say that when I worked on radio.  Hopefully, I will come back with another post before the day is over.


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