Picking out fabric for a new duffle bag

I have a customer who has ask me to make a large duffel bag for her, and she picked out this Moda fabric.

Moda fabric for duffel bag

So I picked out this Moda fabric from the same collection to use as an accent.

Moda fabric

Cute, right?  But, when you put them side by side, they didn’t look so good.  So I tried some other combinations.

First I tried a couple of blues.

I didn’t really like either of these choices either.

Moda fabric and green fabric

Then I tried green.  Much better.

Moda fabric with gold fabrics

I thought I might as well see what gold fabrics would look like.

Moda fabric with green and gold

Here’s what I decided to go with , in about the same proportions as in the picture.  What do you think?  Sometimes others see something that has gone over my head.


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2 Responses to Picking out fabric for a new duffle bag

  1. Love your choices!! They look perfect!

    • Thanks! Sometimes I know for sure, and other times it just doesn’t click. Occasionally, I will finish a project and then like it when all along the way, I wasn’t sure. What about you? How do you decide what fabrics to use together?

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