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I no longer have any excuses for not having something to do!  My two new books from Amazon should keep my busy for many years.

Mary Thomas published this Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches back in 1934.  That was a few years before I was born!  It would take me another lifetime to use all of the stitches she has in this book.  Doubt if that happens, but I do want to try some of them.  There is something very relaxing about hand stitching.  Quilting is nice, but boring, to tell the truth!  I doubt if I start any major project, like a bedspread or a table-cloth, but I might do some small projects, like a pillow.

The Bag Making Bible

And here’s the second book.  I’ve started reading this one.  Six months ago I had no desire to make bags, but now I’m finding that I enjoy making them.  I’m even making up some of my own designs, which is sort of scary.  I just finished a little clutch purse with pleats in brown satin with a gold tassel.  I think it turned out fantastic.  It was too cloudy this afternoon to take pictures, but I hope to get some good ones tomorrow.

I used the flat bread that I had made on Friday to make a grilled cheese sandwich tonight.  It was yummy, and gluten free!  The flat bread is nice when I’m hungry for a little bread but don’t have time to bake a whole loaf.

I’m hoping to buy some brown rice flour tomorrow so I can make some more of my gluten free oat and honey bread.  Why is it that I’m always hungry for bread!

I did do some on-line shopping tonight.  Don’t know what I did before I got my computer and got on-line.  It is so nice now with my dish, especially since I started using Firefox.  It will still hang up once in a while, but not very often.  And printing labels from PayPal or eBay is a piece of cake rather than a royal hassle.   Anyway, I shopped at Jo-Ann‘s Fabrics web site for the first time.  I usually go to, but tonight I decided to try Jo-Ann’s.  Very nice web site.  I bought some interfacing for my bags and some embroidery floss.  One of the things I want to try is small linen purses with embroidery.

Past my bedtime!  Gotta run!!



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4 Responses to My new books

  1. Small purses with embroidery…Love them!…~mkg

  2. Erin Michel says:

    I’ve been wanting to embroider lately, too! I downloaded an app of stitches on my iPhone. 🙂

    • I know I could have found all the info I needed on the computer, but my sewing room is two floors away from my computer, and I didn’t want to have to print out all those pages. I couldn’t find a short and sweet chart like I had before. Let me see what you come up with!

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