Homemade pies

I have made more pies in the past week than in the past year or two!

I’ve made four of these lemon meringue pies.  I finally got the meringue made right on this one, but I still need to work on my peaks.  They should look better than this.  Here is a link to the Betty Crocker recipe that I use to make my lemon meringue pies.

I also made a blackberry pie yesterday, but didn’t get a picture.  But it was picture perfect.  Here’s the link to that recipe.

This morning, I decided to make a cherry pie, but had to search for a recipe since it had been so long since I had made one.  I had a hard time decided which one to try, but I think I picked the right one.

I took this one to quilting this afternoon so I would have a taste panel, and I came home with an empty pie plate.  I used to make a lot of cherry pies, but I don’t remember any that I made or any that I’ve eaten anywhere else, tasting as good as this one did. Here is the recipe that I used.  It remembered putting cinnamon in my cherry pie, but this one just called for almond extract.  Yum!  It is perfect!!

Since I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t be bringing any cherry pie home from quilting, I made this custard pie to leave at home.  I used the recipe from my Betty Crocker cookbook for this one.  I tried to find a link but the Betty Crocker page didn’t provide a direct link.  Slightly warm custard pie is very good, too.  So easy to make.

Yellow daffodils

It had rained Sunday night, but the sun was shining early Monday morning when I went out and caught these daffodils blooming on the south side of my house.

I did work on the baby lovie tonight.  I finished sewing it together and started clipping the borders.  I made the border different from anything I have made before, so we will see what happens after I wash it.  I need to do laundry tomorrow, and work on my flower bed, too.  It sounds like we can count on nice warm weather for at least another week.


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  2. sybaritica says:

    lovely pictures…

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