Weekend in Iowa

Well, we didn’t spend the whole weekend in Iowa, but we did have a nice visit with our son Stephen and his family.  We went to a school carnival on Friday night.  Lots of standing around.   Glad I had my camera with me.  Hope you enjoy this photo album.

Emma getting her face painted



Emma with her balloon flower

Close up of Emma with her balloon flower




Emma with her cousin showing off her flower

Emma getting her tiger face on

Emma the Tiger

Emma with her tiger face

It was easy to get photos of Emma.  It was a bit harder to get photos of her brothers.

Jacob getting his face painted

Hayden with his painted face

Mary Ann with balloon "filter"

I really like the effect I accidentally achieved when Emma walked in front of me with her balloon flower.

Emma explaining something to Stephen

I spent more than an hour outside again today, but I’m still not making much of an impact on my hen bit.  It is growing faster than I can get it pulled out!  I want to get some pansies to set out this week.

I finished the little tooth fairy pillow this afternoon.  It turned out very cute!  I’ll post a picture tomorrow.  Tonight I started working on a personalized banner for Cole for his birthday.  I like the way it is turning out, too.  First I made 6 triangles.  Now I’m adding his name.  Should be able to finish it tomorrow.  And I found my zippers that I knew I had somewhere.  I want to make another satin bag with ruffles.  I think I can do them like I did the pleats on the other little satin clutch, only horizontally instead of vertically.


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2 Responses to Weekend in Iowa

  1. Aren’t grandchildren the best!…and what a cutie…and I know from experience…”boys” are just a bit different!……with two sons and 1 grandson…Thank goodness I have the drama with the two granddaughters…I now see both worlds…

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