Denim tooth fairy pillow for Etsy

Denim tooth fairy pillow

There are lots of tooth fairy pillows on Etsy, but I didn’t see any that were made from two vintage denim jeans pockets.  I adapted the tooth from a Martha Stewart pattern.  The eyes and mouth are hand embroidered, and the tooth is hand stitched to the pocket.  I stitched the tooth onto one pocket, then stitched the two pockets together.  I stitched around the edges, added some poly fill, added the handles, then stitched the top.  There is a little pocket inside the tooth to make it easier for the tooth fairy.

I finished the pennant I’m making for the birthday party on Saturday, and started on a sunglasses case that is big enough for the sunglasses that you wear over regular glasses.  I’m making it sort of like the last glasses case I made, except bigger.  But I’m making enough changes that it’s almost like starting over.  And I’m using magnetic snaps to close it, so I’m trying to figure out the best way to insert the snap.  This first one is going to have to be a pattern.

Went to town this morning and went quilting for a little while.  Then drove on in to town and did some shopping.  Came home, put things away, at a bite of lunch, put some red beans on to soak, then went outside.  I planted pansies in my flower pots by the back door, and some lettuce and radishes in the flower bed.  I finally have one small section that is free from hen bit!

I made red beans and rice for dinner with a recipe from the Mayo Clinic web site, but I wasn’t impressed.  I’m going to have to look for a different recipe.  Anyone have a good red beans and rice recipe?  I tried another one a long time ago and didn’t like that one either.

Went out with my little camera after dinner and took some pictures of the red buds and the crabapple tree.  Will post some tomorrow!


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4 Responses to Denim tooth fairy pillow for Etsy

  1. Too cute!…My grandkids have about lost all of their baby teeth…only if I had seen this a few years back…My idea of red beans and rice comes in a package…Zattarain’s…Not as healthy as you would like I’m sure…but, very good! ~mkg

    • Glad you like the tooth fairy pillow. I thought it turned out cute. I’m going to try the red beans and rice again. I do like bean recipes. I may have to look at a Zattarain’s package to see what they put in it.

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