Spring flowers

Bright yellow daffodil

I have enjoyed the show my bulbs have put on this spring.  I have lots of these yellow daffodils.

Yellow and white daffodil

I like these daffodils with yellow centers and white outer petals.

Close up of yellow center of daffodil

I like the fuzzy pollen that you can see in the center of this one.

White daffodils

I only have this one bunch of white daffodils.  You can see the hen bit that I have been trying to get rid of in the background.

Tiny lavender blue wild flowers

I found this tiny little wildflowers in the pasture down by the lake.  They are blown up here to about twice their real size.  They are a really a pale blue.

I finished the banner I was working on today, and made a couple of glasses cases.  I have three more cut out.  Hope I have time to finish them tomorrow.  I’ve volunteered to help with a couple of different projects tomorrow, so I’m not sure how much time I will have at home.

Made plain old hamburgers tonight for dinner.  Sometimes simple is best.  Served them with mashed potatoes out of the freezer, fresh broccoli, and slaw.  I had made some granola bars.  They turned out good, but they are too sweet for me.  I’m going to have to find a different recipe.  My new favorite breakfast is oatmeal, the regular kind, right out of the box, with a little milk and sugar.



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3 Responses to Spring flowers

  1. The tiny blue flowers were my favorite as a little girl…Anything “blue”…My Mom got many a miniature bouquet of these sweet bloomings…Can you really get rid of hen bit as you call it??? Kinda pretty…but, a nuisance! ~mkg

    • I don’t know of any way to get rid of hen bit in a flower bed. In other places you could kill it with weed killer. It dies back as soon as the weather gets hot, but it’s a pain until then. It is kinda pretty. It just takes over!

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