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Biopsy of small bowel showing coeliac disease ...

Biopsy of small bowel showing coeliac disease manifested by blunting of villi, crypt hyperplasia, and lymphocyte infiltration of crypts, consistent with Marsh classification III. Released into public domain on permission of patient. -- Samir धर्म 11:23, 13 August 2006 (UTC) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although I have not been tested for celiac disease, I suspect that I am at least intolerant.  Therefore, I like to read about the issue and try gluten free recipes.  Yesterday I was giving a copy of the Spring 2012 issue of Gluten-Free Living. 

In the little bit of reading that I have done so far, two interesting tidbits caught my eye.  One is about vitamin C.  There has been one scientific report that suggests that vitamin C supplements may reduce intestinal inflammation in people with celiac disease.  I may have to give it a try.  Even if I only think it makes me feel better it will be worth it!  If I think I feel better, then I do feel better, right?

The other tidbit was the association of celiac disease with thyroid disorders.  I know that all auto-immune diseases are related.  Hashimoto’s thyroiditis has long been associated with celiac disease, but this study in Sweden also found a link between celiac and PHPT, a lesser know endocrine disorder.  All the more reason I should try to stay away from wheat gluten.



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