Flowering plum tree

Flowering plum with house in background

I was doing some housekeeping this morning, and decided to check my cameras to make sure I had uploaded all of the pictures I had taken.  What a pleasant surprise to find these photos of our flowering plum that I had taken early on morning in my pajamas.  Another benefit of living out in the country!  Our house and garage are in the background.  It is amazing how the trees have leafed out in the past week.  We planted this plum tree in 2001.  It doesn’t have a pretty shape, but the blooms are beautiful.  I will share some close-ups with you.

Flowering plum blooms with watercolor filter

Which one do you like best?



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9 Responses to Flowering plum tree

  1. kerryacain says:

    They are really Great Pics

  2. Jill Marks says:

    Beautiful! I would blow up the watercolor filter one! So gorgeous!

  3. Love the 3rd one …but, all are quite beauutiful! ~mkg

  4. cross(stitch)yourheart says:

    This are just gorgeous! I’m so excited it’s finally spring

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