Our Easter feast

We have a rather non-traditional Easter feast.  We gave up several years ago on having a big, formal, sit-down meal.  Not fun for anyone.  Too many small children.  And too much work.  So this year we went with sliced meat and cheese on homemade rolls, lots of salads, and dessert.  It worked out great.  There was at least one thing that everyone liked.  By the time we cleaned up tonight, most of the food was gone.  We still have some meat and cheese.  All of the potato salad and fruit salad was eaten.  All of the fresh rolls and some of the extras were gone.  The Greek salad was a big hit.  It is so good!  And there is only one small piece of lemon pie left.  I made two this morning.  It was delish!  And everyone who tried the cherry clafouti liked it.  It isn’t very sweet, and I think it does need a little more almond extract, or brandy or something.  I need to look at some other recipes.  And everyone liked the salsa.  We didn’t need the pasta salad, but we ate most of it. I was hoping we would have enough leftovers that I wouldn’t need to cook tomorrow, but we had too many hungry hippos today.  Oh, well!  I’ll be ready to cook again tomorrow anyway.

It was nice enough for everyone to be outside for most of the day.  All of the men folk got to build fence.  There was also rocket launching, mushroom hunting, and fishing.  Plus some plain, old relaxing.  It was a good day.

Happy Easter, everyone!




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2 Responses to Our Easter feast

  1. Sounds like a lovely day…tomorrow will be ours with our Grandchildren…my sons …and inlaws…An Easter egg hunt and good food…~mkg

  2. Mary says:

    Sounds perfect. I agree that getting together is more important than what we eat! I am hosting a brunch this year with some make ahead food to make is easy!

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