Easter pictures

I finally remember to upload my pictures from Saturday to my computer.  Nothing to get excited about, but I’ll share a few anyway!

Ten grandchildren, one great grandson, and one black dog - Easter 2012

The kiddos did pose for a formal picture with everyone smiling, but I like this one better.  Our oldest granddaughter couldn’t come, and we were missing our Florida granddaughters, who belong right in the middle of this photo.

Hayden, Luke and Gus

As soon as we said “Go”, Gus picked up the egg that was right in front of him and opened it.  He was checking for candy!

Lady, our Easter dog

I didn’t catch the Easter bunny in action, but I did catch Lady when she wasn’t trying to hide.  She is wet because she was fetching sticks in the lake.  That is the only game she will play anymore.  We aren’t sure, but think she is 9 or 10 years old.

Luke - age 3 - Easter 2012

Luke is our youngest grandchild.  I missed most of the kids getting there individual pictures taken with their baskets.

Gus with his Easter basket

Gus will be three on his birthday this fall.  Where has the time gone?


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  1. Children at Holidays…what more could you want! ~mkg

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