Pansies and Petunias

I don’t have very many flowers that are blooming right now, although I should have one iris that is open by tonight, at least a month early.  I did catch a pansy and a petunia yesterday in the evening.

Yellow pansy

We haven’t had any hard rain or wind recently so the pansy petals are perfect!

Pink petunia with watercolor filter

I love to apply watercolors filters to petunia blooms.  This one was especially nice because it already had a black background.

All of my plants are looking good, although I may have to do some watering this week.  It isn’t supposed to rain until Friday.  However, it is much cooler, so that will help.  Everything I planted in the garden is coming up.




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2 Responses to Pansies and Petunias

  1. Love the pansies but, petunias will always be a favorite! Beautiful photos…I, like the “Up and Close”…~mkg

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