Here is a wonderful way to use all those scraps of fabric that we quilters can’t seem to throw away!

Stitching Life

A small pile of completed quilted blocks has appeared.

These are the eight-inch patchwork blocks that I started piecing in January, now part of a quilt-as-you-go adventure. I’m using my favourite Hobbs wool batting, and am making the back of each block a square of fabric that roughly coordinates with the pieced top.

Four completed blocks:

And the backs:

Obviously these are just laid out as examples, they won’t be actually pieced together in this order. I’m aiming for (probably) light-dark-light-dark in the final joining.

And one in progress:

As a quilting process, I really like it. I’m planning at least another two quilts that could use this method, though as usual my fingers can’t keep up with the ideas. I need about another ten pairs of hands. And another forty or so hours in every day.

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  1. Karen Turner says:

    Thanks for the reblog; it really is a good way to use up all those little treasures.

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