More ticker tape quilts

I feel like I have just crawled out from under a rock when it comes to ticker tape quilts.  Really.  Where have I been?  Here’s a link to a post about ticker tape quilts.

I did start working on mine tonight.  After spending two days thinking that the light bulb on my sewing machine was burned out, I found out it wasn’t.  I tried wiggling it on Sunday when it didn’t come on, but nothing happened.  Tried it again tonight, and it came on!  So I got to work on my ticker tape blocks, getting several of them stitched before I stopped to watch baseball.

I should go out and cover up a few things, but I’m feeling lazy.  Not sure if it will happen or not.  I’ve been cold most of the day again today.  We haven’t started a fire since to got so warm last week.  I finally got warm while eating dinner tonight.  Steak, mashed potatoes, and broccoli.  Didn’t have to worry about leftovers!


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2 Responses to More ticker tape quilts

  1. My husband brought in the hanging basket I received for Easter and a few little pansies…although I think they would have been fine…He just said…”I brought in all of your flowers where they won’t freeze!”…He’s a keeper! ~mkg

    • How sweet. Mine has covered up the tomato plants for 4 or 5 nights, and I covered up a couple of things, but they still got nipped last night. It was down to 27 degrees about 6 am.

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