More shots from my world

I have an assortment of photos that I’ve taken recently.  Nothing earth shattering, but interesting.

We have several pairs of killdeer who come to our area every year.  They are ground-nesting birds, but their nests are hard to find.  This year one pair built a nest in our road right in front of the pasture gate.  I don’t know how they managed to escape being run off.

Our nest only had two eggs.  Occasionally, both parents would be away from the nest.  I didn’t frighten them to take this picture.

Killdeer with "broken" wing

We saw them try to distract us several times by acting like they had a broken wing.  We had to go right by the nest to leave the farm.  We could drive within just a couple of feet of the nest without disturbing them.  They would try to distract us if we were on foot.

Remember the photos of the brambles that I posted last fall that we finally decided were dewberries?  They are blooming now.  Here is a shot of the flower buds.

Flower buds on dewberry canes

We don’t have many weeds around our place, but this common mullen comes back each year.  The leaves are covered with soft hairs.  My husband’s mother used them medicinally to prevent or treat infections, especially on kid’s feet. She made a tea with the leaves that was used to soak the affected area.  They produce a tall flower stalk that looks a lot like yucca.




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4 Responses to More shots from my world

  1. ceciliag says:

    ;ovely world and that kildeer pretending to be hurt is a brilliant shot! c

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