Okay, I haven’t tried this version of a Greek salad, but if it as good as the original, you will love it!

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

Summer in Cleveland is the time of copious amounts of tomatoes and cucumbers being grown in backyard gardens. I am not much a gardener (OK, I’m not a gardener at all), so I rely on the generosity of my neighbors and co-workers. I always get a smile when I walk into the office and there are bags of tomatoes or cucumbers out to share. That means the bounty is in and the owner is overwhelmed with the amount of goodness.

As spring has just begun and the summer harvest is a long way away, I must be dreaming of those days to come. The following is a variation of the Greek salad which was previously posted.

The recipe calls for large shrimp, but I think it works great with bite sized salad shrimp.

Olive oil, red wine vinegar and fresh vegetables – how can you go wrong?

A quick tip…

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