Financial help for caregivers

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I haven’t written any posts about care giving recently, but I came across some interesting information in the February/March issue on the AARP magazine.  I know.  I’m almost always behind with my magazine reading.

On page 71, in the Ask Lee segment, there is a question about financial resources for family caregivers.  At the present time, some government resources are available for low-income families.  In some states, people who are eligible to receive Medicaid in-home services, may have to option to fire family members to provide these services.

In some communities, veterans who are at risk for nursing home services can enroll in community based services to hire and pay their own caregivers, allowing them to remain at home.

Don’t know if these services are available where you live?  Contact the Eldercare Locator at 800-677-1116, or go there on-line at

AARP also has resources available, including “How to Get Paid for Being a Family Caregiver” at   Use the same link to visit AARP’s Caregiving Resource Center.


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