Successful gluten free baking

Some time ago I ordered a set of different gluten free bread mixes from Chebe.  They are made with tapioca flour and starch so they are naturally gluten free.  This week I tried the bread sticks.  I didn’t tell anyone that they were gluten free, and no one guessed.  They are very good.

Yesterday was another cool, rainy day, perfect for baking except the kitchen was so cold I had a hard time getting my bread dough to rise.  I hadn’t made cinnamon rolls in years, but I was hungry for cinnamon, so I dug up my recipe.  This is basically the same Betty Crocker recipe  that I used.  I must be losing my sweet tooth, because I couldn’t eat more than just a small piece.  They are too sweet.

While my cinnamon rolls were baking, I whipped up a batch on gluten free oatmeal scones from a recipe in one of my books.  Very fast and easy to make in the food processor!  I would rather have one of my gluten free oatmeal scones with a touch of agave nectar than I cinnamon roll.  Crazy, right!

It rained most of the night and today looks like more of the same.  At least I won’t have to water any of the outside plants.  And it should help anything that going to come up in the garden go ahead a do it.

My ticker tape table runner is in the dryer.  Not sure it’s going to be light enough to take any good pictures today.

I turned my computer off, unplugged the dish, and unplugged the power strip last night to reset my internet connect.  Sometimes it gets a little wacky.

Need to do laundry, etc. today.  We have plenty of leftovers for lunch.



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