Spring flowers and vegetables

I tried using Firefox to open WordPress tonight and it still won’t work, even after I tried a couple of fixes.  So I tried IE, and it works, but it freezes all the time.  Very frustrating.  So I’m back to Google Chrome, which I like for everything except printing shipping labels, and the fact pages opened with Google Chrome open to the left and bottom of the screen and I can’t pull them back where they belong.  Right now, I’m at the top, but about an inch to the right of the left margin.  Any suggestions here?

I did take some photos one day this week.  My iris have started blooming.

Half open iris

I enjoy taking close-ups of flowers with the background out of focus.  I applied a water-color filter to this one and tweaked the colors just a bit.

Partially open iris with water-color filter

This one is unchanged, except for a water-color filter.  So delicate!

Leaf of lettuce with drops of dew

I caught these drops of dew on young lettuce leaves.  It looks like it is covered with jewels.



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5 Responses to Spring flowers and vegetables

  1. Beautiful Photos…especially the lettuce…~mkg

  2. cross(stitch)yourheart says:

    Beautiful pictures!

    I’ve had some problems with Firefox and WordPress too, I’ve just given up on trying to get things fixed. Google Chrome seems to work the best.

    • I think that is what I’m going to do, too. Do you have any problems with your Google Chrome pages not opening right?

      • cross(stitch)yourheart says:

        Every now and then I get an error message like “this page no longer exists” and it refuses to open, but it usually works again if I close out and restart. Other than that I haven’t had a problem with chrome

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