I’m going to try to find some Tinkyada pasta products. I have not been happy with any of the gluten free pasta that I have tried.

Gluten-free Medley

My husband is a pasta-lover! Sometimes I tell him he has spaghetti sauce running through his veins instead of blood. He could eat pasta with red sauce three meals a day for an entire week and not get bored with it. Now, I like a good Italian meal, but not to that extreme. Also, I want to clarify that we don’t really eat pasta all day, every day – because I do most of the cooking and I like variety!

When we had to switch our cooking style to gluten-free, we tried so many brands of rice pasta and corn pasta that we did eat it often. It was like being Goldilocks with the three bears – this one is too soft, this one is too hard. Then we found the Tinkyada brand. I’m not saying this will ever replace a fresh semolina wheat pasta dish from a really good…

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