This looks like fun!


I hadn’t until I went to my monthly local Quilters evening.

This is such a great way to make a layered touchy feely bag, cushion, scarf or anything thing else you can think of really.

All you need is a few layers of fabric (I used four pieces of cotton fabric),

You need to  do a bit of sewing on the bias

and scissors.

If you get serious get a chenille cutter which will save your hand from aches and pains after lots of cutting.

Cut through each of the sewn diagonals, careful not to cut the backing fabric.

Wet and throw it in the washing machine for a spin,

Then into the tumble dryer to fray more and…

I have a feeling this might get addictive:)

Happy Sunday!


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  1. diannajessie says:

    Thanks for reblogging this:) I’m looking forward to making some goodies with this technique – so touchy feely!!

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