Ladybird beetles

Ladybird beetle

When I posted a photo of this little fellow the other day, I wasn’t sure if it was a lady bug or a Japanese beetle.  It is a picture perfect lady bug, or more properly a ladybird beetle, with bright orange wing covers, black legs, head and antennae, and the white spots on the shoulders and between the eyes.

I went out again tonight, but couldn’t find the spider or the lady bug.  I did find a shiny little beetle on the crabapple tree, but I couldn’t get his picture.

I’ve had one more image accepted by iStock.  It is a picture of a rusty gate that I took a few days after Christmas.  I’m trying to go through my photos and upload the ones I like to Flickr and delete the rest.  I don’t know how many hundreds of images I have on my computer.  I guess I should make copies of all the files, but some of them aren’t worth keeping!


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