New Etsy listings

I have been doing some quilting this week.  Here’s photos of the last three items that I listed on Etsy.

Table mats made with blue and white triangle squares

More blue and white triangle square table mats

Off-white muslin pillow with "ruffles"

Close-up of pillow top

The “ruffles” on the pillow top are actually rows of fabric that is stitched down and clipped like the seams are in rag quilting.  I got the idea from a blog about making “faux” chenille.  There’s wasn’t clipped, and it was a pain to clip all of it, but it was worth it.  Thank goodness the pillow is only 9 inches by 9 inches!

Today I started working on another table runner using the Panier de Fleurs collection by French General for Moda.  I’m using off-white muslin for the backing.  It is going to be beautiful!

I was in a cooking/baking mood today.  Made some gluten free oatmeal scones.  I had made some last week, too, but the ones today turned out much better.  And they are gluten free.  They are amazingly good considering there is no wheat flour or sugar in them, and only a little salt.  And they were super easy to make.  Everything went right in the food processor.

I also made a pasta asparagus salad that was yummy and healthy.  The dressing used buttermilk, lemon juice, and mustard, so it had a little kick without being heavy.  Made salmon patties for dinner, and they were extra special, too.  And we had our first harvest from our garden.  Two radishes and a mixed greens salad.

If it doesn’t rain tomorrow, I’m going to have to start watering things.  It is really dry.  It was cooler today than it was yesterday.  The air had a cool feel tonight.  Hope that means rain is on the way.

I downloaded Firefox again this morning.  Working great, so far.  I also went to my downloads list and deleted everything I wasn’t using.  Hope I can keep going now for a while with no more issues!


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