Memory quilts

I was busy today cutting out lots of squares for a rag quilted memory quilt made from men’s shirts.  I’m going to rag quilt mine, but there are lots of different ways to make a memory quilt.

Like the ones at this website.  None of these are rag quilted, but I do like the way she sets her squares together.

Here’s a link to some for information about memory quilts.

Etsy has 67 listings for rag quilted memory quilts.  I made a t-shirt quilt for my daughter with all her sports t-shirts from high school.

Using baby clothes for a memory quilt seems to be a modern trend.  I’m going to use men’s shirts for mine.  I going to make it big enough to snuggle under on the couch or drape over a chair.  The shirts I’m using a rather heavy knits, so I’m going to use off-white muslin for the batting, cut the same size as the top square, and off-white flannel for the backing for soft and warm comfort.  I should have enough of it stitched together to post a photo tomorrow.

I was cold and rainy all day today.  I’m sure we ended up with over 3 inches of rain.  It was dry yesterday, but it’s wet now!  I went out to check on my iris thinking I would bring some in the house, but they had all gotten beaten up by the hail this morning.  They still look nice from the window, but not close up.  I’ll see if I can find a photo from last year.

unknown yellow wildflower

I didn’t find any iris from last year, but I did find this shot from April 20th last year.  These are wildflowers that I had planted several years ago, but I don’t know what they are.  Any clue, anyone?

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