Day Two – Trenton to LaPlata

Leaving Trenton on Day Two

Despite the toll that the miles and the heat had put on bodies and bikes, they were up and ready to leave Trenton by 7:00 on Day Two.  The sag wagon finished packing and headed to a store to stock up on food, water and ice.  Couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a Wal-Mart in Trenton but Hy-Vee was open.  A glance at the map showed us that refuel stops would be few and far between.  I had no idea that this section of Missouri was so sparsely populated.  There were numerous homes that had been abandon and most of the small towns were mostly ghost towns.  Some did have one church.

We found a place to stop in front of a recently deserted house where it was rather nice under the shade of some large trees.  While we waited for the riders to catch up with us, I got out my camera.

These common weeds look more interesting from this angle.

Typical scene from northern MO

This rather non-nondescript shot could have been taken lots of times along the way today.  At least the road on this stretch was in good shape.  Some places it was horrible.

My “supplies”

I was running out of interesting things to take pictures of!

David and Ben biking in to the rest area

I’m sure we were the talk of the town more than once to the few folks who passed us.  Most of them probably said something like, “Can you believe I saw three guys on bikes out there on the road in this heat!”.  We did appreciated the fact that there were a few trees along the way, mostly along driveways, but we were hot enough that we “borrowed” some shade long enough to make a pit stop.  Thanks to all the folks who made our adventure bearable!

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  1. You will always have memories of doing this~mkg

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