Day Three of BAAM – LaPlata to Hannibal


Not sure what has happened to my blog except that I haven’t been here!  I won’t try to pick up all the pieces, but I do have a few photos from the last day of the bike trip across Missouri that I want to share.

Leaving LaPlata

We were up early on day three so the bikers could make the most of the cooler weather.  It had been 111 degrees when we checked in at the Depot Inn in LaPlata the day before.  If you are a railroad buff, you will enjoy staying at the Depot Inn in LaPlata.  It’s like a museum with sleeping rooms.  Lots of train stuff.  And there is a real train station where the trains still stop.  Interesting town.

Ready to hit the road

Our first stop this morning is in Bethel.   They have several festivals each year to celebrate their heritage, which is why the name sounded familiar to me.  This was just a hot morning in July and we were excited to find a restaurant open at 8:00 am on a Sunday morning.  There were a few regulars already enjoying their morning coffee, but we were interested in breakfast.  We were still enjoying our eggs and hash browns when the riders showed up.  It was a good place to stop because we had parked on the shady side of the street.  We shared our breakfast with the riders, then did a bit of exploring while they took a breather and picked all the little rocks out of their tires.   There was a row of old buildings across the street from the restaurant, so we walked down the street looking in the windows.  One building had a padlock on the door that wasn’t locked, so we decided to check it out.    It was an old house that had stone walls that were laid up between upright boards.  I’d never seen anything like that before.  Of course, my camera was in the van.

Hannah riding into Hannibal

Our only big stop between Bethel and Hannibal was in Palmyra, where we crossed highway 61 and headed down along the river, coming in on the north edge of town by Hannibal LaGrange College.  Took advantage of some nice shade trees to restock the riders and let Hannah join them for the last leg of the journey, down to the river.  The cobblestones were a bit of a challenge.

Into the river

And here they are with their front tires in the Mississippi River.  They had made it across Missouri from the Missouri River to the Mississippi River.  Wow!


The sag wagon team

And here’s the sag wagon team.  From left to right:  Julie, my DIL; Hannah, my granddaughter, me, and Kay, my SIL.   We went out to eat to celebrate the occasion, then it was time to go home.  What a trip!



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4 Responses to Day Three of BAAM – LaPlata to Hannibal

  1. ladywise says:

    Awww! What a nice group! I remember when you guys did this last year. I bet that’s a really fun trip. Did you take a lot of pictures?

    • I took pictures in spurts. It was too hot most of the time to go out in search of things to take pictures of. It was interesting. I’ve lived in MO my whole life, but had never been to this area of the state.

  2. I had missed your blogging…what a nice looking family…and the trip had to be fun…exciting…and a great achievement for the guys…~mkg

  3. I’ve missed blogging, too. Not sure what happened. But I’m going to make a real effort to be here more often.

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