Business card holder


I haven’t written much about the things I am making recently, but I’ll try to fix that.  On Sundays I like to play around with new ideas.  Today it was business card holders.  I have made several little bags and glasses cases, so I had a general idea about what I wanted to do.  I made my first one from two Moda squares, but I wasn’t happy with a shape of the flap.  I added some cording, and like the results much better.

Small business card case

The fabric is from the 60s and the button is from my mom’s collection.

Inside of business card case.

I like to do something unexpected with the lining in my bags.  I thought this butterfly print was a fun contrast.

I do like the way I constructed this little case.  Adding the cording made it easier to get the rounded edged turned out.  It’s just two pieces of 5 inch by 9 inch fabric.  I pressed interfacing to the lining to add some body.

It’s a generous 3 inches by 4 inches so it can be stuffed with business cards, or you can throw in a credit card and some cash and stick it in your pocket.  I would have to add some lip gloss, too!



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4 Responses to Business card holder

  1. I need one of these!…love the colors…mkg

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