Praying Mantis


My hummingbird feeders have been very busy lately.  And just this week, the praying mantis have come to feed as well.  They aren’t equipped to eat the sugar-water but they are equipped to snatch other insects who might be attracted to the feeder.  Find out more about these fascinating insects here.

Here’s a couple of photos of mine from this morning.  It was so windy that I had a hard time getting a clear shot.

Praying mantis

This one is grey camouflage.

Green praying mantis

I like the way they will look at you and follow you with their eyes.  This feeder is my hummers favorite.  I have to fill it twice a day.


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6 Responses to Praying Mantis

  1. Jane VanHaitsma says:

    praying mantis kill hummingbirds

  2. Neat creatures…great photos…~mkg

  3. Joanne Stein says:

    The Praying Mantis love people. They will sit on your shoulder for a long time before they fly off. The Praying Mantis loves my butterfly bush.

  4. Gretchen says:

    Praying Mantis will actually catch and kill hummingbirds. There is a video out there showing this. So I think I’d move the Praying Mantis far, far away from the feeders!

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