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Remodeling with universal design concepts means you’re making your home accessible to people of various abilities and heights. Usually, we think of it more as an option for people aging in place or who have elderly parents moving in. But as Minneapolis realtor Sharlene Hensrud points out, universal design is not just for older people. People of all ages benefit—including children.

In “Kitchen Design for Aging in Place Also Great for Kids,” Hensrud lists a number of universal-design features that are good for children, including:

  • Induction cooktops… heat is only generated when a pan is placed on the surface for increased safety for young and old alike… and don’t heat up the room for increased energy efficiency
  • Microwave oven… within reach and sight of those who will use it, which may be lower rather than high over the range (think children climbing on the stove to get to the microwave!)

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  1. I saw a drawer style microwave below counter height in a home I showed recently. What a great idea! Not only do you have easy access, you don’t have to bend over to see what is inside.

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