Country By Design wall hanging


Wall hanging made from Moda fabrics

Here’s my latest quilting project.  It’s a quilted wall hanging made from Moda fabrics from the Me and My Sister collections.  It includes squares from the Twirl, Amelia, Dilly Dally, and Good Morning charm packs!

I spend most of the day today messing around with pictures.  My husband had gone to Iowa last week with his brother and two of his sisters for the funeral of their uncle.  Mary Ann had taken pictures that Paul wanted to look at on our iPad.  I finally figured out how to get them in a folder so I could sync it with iTunes.  If someone had just said it’s more or less just like uploading photos to Facebook, etc.  I think I could have figured it out quicker.  Getting photos deleted from iPad is harder to do than loading them, that’s for sure.  You aren’t going to do it my accident!

Then tonight, I tried to send the set of photos to several people by email.  I know I could have attached them if I had still been using Outlook Express for my email, but I’m not.  Tried to make Hotmail my default email program, but that didn’t work.  Tried attaching them to an email using my default program and that didn’t work.  Finally just downloaded them to Facebook.  I know I have sent attachments before, but I couldn’t get it to work tonight.

I feel like I have worked hard all day and I don’t have anything to show for it.  Just hope I can remember how to upload photos and sync them using iTunes the next time!  If I had just created a folder with all the photos in it that I want to sync, it would have been simple.  I didn’t need to resize them or anything.  Some of them would have looked better with a little editing, but they can be edited to some extent on the iPad.

Has anyone used the iPad adapter for uploading photos from a card?  I need to read the iPad instruction book so I understand it better.






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3 Responses to Country By Design wall hanging

  1. I really like the colors you chose! So bright and cheerful. That is my stumbling block, choosing colors. You did a fantastic job.

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