It’s one week until Christmas! Is your shopping done?

Christmas it the perfect time to sneak in a “Trojan horse” of a gift, says Patrick Roden, R.N., Ph.D., a nurse with a focus on environmental gerontology. If your parents live alone in their home and you’re concerned about their safety, why not address that practically through your gifts this year? Sneak in some safety through the chimney-hung stocking. Doing so will give your parents more than just another thing to fill the house: It may help them keep their independence.

In a post about the importance of home during the holidays at his blog Aging in Place, Roden suggests giving elderly parents “an aging-in-place gift to get started towards additional future home modifications.”

A really useful place to start is with a lovely grab bar for example, or stocking stuffers like LED night lights. …

The kids can get…

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  1. carlos lacy says:

    This is awesome! Thanks for sharing this!

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