The world didn’t end….I think I will quilt

Your quilts are amazing! Please keep sharing them with us!!

Tim Latimer - Quilts etc

Since the world didn’t end I feel like it is worthwhile to continue quilting.

I wonder if the crazy people with the aluminum foil hats and the doomsday “documentaries” from the history channel on TiVo  are disappointed? I think they were really counting on it.

Anyway I finished the grid section of the hand quilting on the whole cloth quilt and I am ready to start the outer feathers.  Once they are done I can go back and start at the center again and do all the filling in.

Here are some pictures.  The quilt really is white but the color looks different depending on the light.  I took some pictures in very low light today because it shows the quilting the best. (click pictures to enlarge)

Happy quilting


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One Response to The world didn’t end….I think I will quilt

  1. antarabesque says:

    I love Tim’s work too.

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