Valentine’s Day mug rug

Mug rugs are one of my favorite ways to use small scraps of fabric.  Rather than save them for a big project, I like to use them right away.  Here’s the latest one.

Valentine's Day mug rug

Valentine’s Day mug rug

I want to try this same technique to make a pot holder.

I’m also working on denim wallets for men and boys.  That is one thing that there isn’t very many of on Etsy.  Of course, maybe no one is interested in such a thing.  I’ve made three different variations so far.  Of the three, I like the first one best.  That is unusual, because I usually find ways to improve my first efforts at a new design.

I also started putting squares together for a baby quilt.  I promised to make one for a fund-raiser at church, and even though the auction is still over a month away, I’m trying to not wait until the last-minute to do things like that.

I’ll try to get some pictures of the wallets tomorrow, and the baby quilt.

It was cold here today, and about 10:00 it started to snow.  It was beautiful!  Great, big, soft flakes of snow with very little wind so it was falling straight down.  It only lasted a couple of hours, but the ground is covered.






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1 Response to Valentine’s Day mug rug

  1. Love “mug rugs” as you call them…No snow here in Louisville…Just very cold…staying in as much as I can…

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